Tree Plantation Campaign


With every order you place, we shall plant a tree on your behalf! 

As a contribution to our fragile planet, the Peter Duncan Foundation shall plant a tree, with every order placed with us. 

We shall also make an additional contribution when you purchase plants and flower pots. For every plant you purchase, we'll make a contribution towards planting another tree with Peter Duncan Foundation.

Why plants trees?
With 2016 being recorded as the hottest year in history; and 2015 being the hottest year prior to that, we are setting a dangerous trend that urgently requires our attention. As the arctic ice slowly disappears, causing adverse effects all over the world, with people and animals impacted by extreme droughts, bigger cyclones, etc. 
If we all make an effort to address this crucial issue now, we might be able to achieve the target of keeping the global temperature below 2°C. 
Here at Wish & Gift, we understand the need for a healthy planet. So we've decided to try and offset our carbon trail and encourage others to join us in doing the same.